SC International Languages
Meaningful words

SC International Languages was established in 2005 and undertook to become one of the leaders on the Romanian translation market, distinguishing itself by the high level of professionalism and quality-oriented approach. Since then, we have expanded our business at the national and global level.

We are specialised into professional translation services from EU official languages into Eastern European languages.
We combine a strict selection process and an overall quality system, in order to ensure accurate and reliable translations at all times. We dedicate a lot of time and resources to the recruitment and management of our most valuable asset, our linguists. Our network of over 1,000 translators is made up of native speakers of the target language who have extensive expertise in their subject matter area(s) and pledge to make every effort to keep up with the evolution of the languages.

Ilang Team has highly competitive prices, offering complete linguistic solutions in a lot of industries. We are a customer-oriented translation agency, favoring long-term partnerships, as we wish to provide high quality translation services at attractive prices. 

We encourage our clients to get involved in the translation process and are happy to discuss with them at all times any issues that may arise.


Specialist areas

Internal market. Common Agricultural Policy. Competition. Economic and monetary affairs. Common Foreign and Security Policy… These are just some of the policies that our EU team is so familiar with.

This EU team is made up of former trainees and contractual agents that have worked for the European institutions or of professionals with extensive studies in the European affairs field. Some of them contributed to the translation of the acquis communautaire into their native languages.
Source languages: the 23 EU official languages
Target languages: Romanian mainly

EU - Affairs

Types of documents:

Working documents, agendas, resolutions, parliamentary questions, petitions addressed to the European Parliament, plenary session documents, draft reports, draft opinion, petitions, notices to members, amendments to legislative or non-legislative reports, (bilingual/trilingual) glossaries;


Types of documents we translate:

Executive orders, resolutions, affidavits, bankruptcy files, complaints, motions, letters of credit, deeds of incorporation and articles of association, legal disclaimers, powers of attorney, contracts and agreements, wills, birth, marriage and death certificates, judgements and decisions, trust deeds, arbitral awards, divorce petitions, decrees and consent orders.


Types of documents we translate:

Product catalogues, electrical equipment user manuals, safety regulations, engineering, specifications, instruction and operations manuals, data sheets, patents and patent applications, software progrrammes and user guides, construction and production documentation;


Types of documents we translate:

Summaries of product characteristics, patient information papers; psychology papers, medical prescriptions, user guides for medical staff and patients, medical equipment: instruction manuals, brochures and software, patient information leaflets, medical devices - instruction manuals, insurance documents, medical records; information on the patients;


Types of documents we translate:

Novels, stories, short stories, poetry, poems, drama, comedy, lectures, journals, magazines, glossaries of linguistic terms;


Types of documents we translate:

Annual reports, profit and loss accounts, insurance policies and claims, shareholders’ agreements, mortgage contracts, auditing reports, statistical reports & data analysis, venture capital contracts, auction documents, tax and pension documents, prospectuses, corporate minutes, balance sheets, bak statements;


Types of documents we translate:

Business correspondence & reports, international marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, presentations, press releases, sales brochures, bid documents, case studies, commercial statements, market survey reports;


Types of documents we translate:

We translate a great variety of sports and fitness-related documents, from sports brochures, magazines, websites, reports, articles, research papers and sports strategy, press conferences & interviews to coaching guides, individual & team statistics, sports rules & regulations, training programs. All our translators and revisers proficient in this field are also enthusiastic sportspeople that have consistent knowledge of the sports rules, regulations and tactics and are always connected with the international sports mass-media and the dynamic and fast-evolving world of sports.



We understand that a thorough and permanent research and documentation and a rigorous source text analysis are essential in the process of translation. In order to ensure consistency and accuracy, the professionals we are working with are used to clarifying the new concepts by using the paper or electronic sources or by consulting our specialists on certain problem areas.
Here are some of the electronic sources that we are using in the translation process:
1. Dictionaries & glossaries

2. Databases & glossaries - EP terminology search

EUR-Lex provides direct free access to European Union law. Here you can consult the Official Journal of the European Union as well as the treaties, legislation, case-law and legislative proposals. You can also use the extensive search facilities available on EUR-Lex. The revisers/translators are advised to do a document search depending on the CELEX NUMBER.
The bilingual search is also really helptul. All in all, lots of EC, EP or other EU documents can be found on this website.
Translators/revisers can look for European documents (reports, draft reports, opinions, resolutions, decisions, motions for resolutions, oral questions, etc ) in the EP Legislative Observatory. Entering a reference number, the search is facilitated.

CC Vista provides translations of legal acts of EU. The CCVista Database has been created to store translations of EU measures in the languages of candidate countries. The revisers/translators are advised to do a document search in the CCVISTA TAIEX depending on the CELEX NUMBER.

The Romanian Translation Unit of the European Parliament contains the presentation of all Parliament documents (working documents, legislative/non-legislative reports, opinions, motions, petitions, notices to members, agendas, minutes etc), the translation in many European languages of the Rules of procedure of the European Parliament and of primary and secondary legislation. It also contains useful terminology databases and guides, the official translation of delegations, political groups, commissions, European agencies or offices.

The main goal of European Institute of Romania is to provide expertise in the field of European Affairs to the public administration, the business community, the social partners and the civil society. The linguists can also find on this website updated information about studies, trainings, debates organized in order to support Romania's develoment within European Union and its attributes as a Member State. Moreover, European Institute of Romania is providing training courses in the domain of European Affairs, coordinating the translation and the linguistic and legal revision of the pre-accession acquis, of the ECHR case-law, of Romanian documents of legal nature, and setting up a consistent terminology in the EU field.